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Our Mission...

Consumer Confidence In Better Hearing-Speech Understanding In Concert With Lifestyles And of The People That Matter In Their Lives.

You Deserve...

  • Hearing Instruments That Work For You.  Period.

  • To Understand Loved Ones In Challenging Environments

  • No More Embarrassment In Social Gatherings When The Subject Matter Has Changed and Your Questioned Response 

  • A Day Without the  Frustrations of Understanding Physician or Loved One Conversations

  •  Directionality- Which Side Is the Sound (or Siren in Traffic)

  • Our Experienced Experts Specialize In Severe-To-Profound Hearing Loss

  • New Technology-State-Of-The-Art-Affordable Hearing Instrument Options

Your Better Hearing World Is Available To You Now...

  • THEN and NOW - Are Your Current Hearing Instruments Not Doing The Job?  Many Hearing Instruments Are Not Correctly Programmed.  Are Yours?  Do You Think You Should Hear Better?

  • HearingAidAdvisor Experts Will Retest, Reprogram Your Current Hearing Instruments, Regardless Of Where Purchased

  • Specializing in Brands: ReSound, Phonak, Widex, Siemens, Oticon

Including Internet Purchased Hearing Instruments


Hearing Lifestyle Enhancements- (One Accessory Included FREE with Each Pair of New Instruments Purchased)


Effortlessly Listen to TV (without bothering others with high volume), Smart Phone-Direct to Your Hearing Instrument Conversations, Mini-Mic- Allows Severe Hearing Loss Friends to Understand One-On-One Conversations in Chaotic Listening Environments.

Specializing In Home Testing and Assisted Living Residences.   Currently Serving SW Riverside, CA & Southern Orange County, CA

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